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The Flatisfy Skin Will Take Your Thesis Site to the Next Level!

Beautiful Design & Loads of Special Features Make Flatisfy a Must.

From structure to design, Flatisfy was built to please both users and viewers. The name “Flatisfy” is actually a combination of the words; “Flat” and “Satisfy”, reason being, Flatisfy has a flat design and aims to please or satisfy its users and viewers. With built-in boxes, widgets & page templates, users can create complex website layouts & content blocks. The following sections will cover more of the Flatisfy skin features.

Well-written Code and Speed Are Two Staples of the Flatisfy Skin

Rest Assured Your Site Follows Proper Standards

Not only does the Flatisfy skin pass Google’s page-speed standards, it also passes the W3 – HTML5 and CSS validator tests. Proper coding will ensure your website performs to it’s maximum capability.

Well written code will help your site rank higher in the search engines, load faster and improve user experience.

Flatisfy Proper Coding

Built-in Boxes, Custom Widgets and Multiple Page Templates

Boxes/Templates Let You Create Any Type of Content

Page-lead boxes give you the power to add important types of information to the area directly below your page header. Things like email forms, testimonials and special info columns can be added in a flash.

There is also a recent-posts widget, testimonial widget and promotion widget for important content/affiliate links!

Flatisfy Templates and Boxes

Flat, Responsive Design Makes Your Site Beautiful on All Devices

The Design of Flatisfy is Both Current and Responsive

One of the latest trends of the web is flat UI design. This takes away all the distracting shadows and highlights that can be distracting to readers and leaves a simple, “easy-on-the-eyes” look to page elements.

Along with a flat UI is another “must-have” design feature, responsiveness. Don’t worry, Flatisfy’s got you covered!

Flatisfy Responsive Design

Flatisfy Skin Responsive Mock-Up

Ready to Grab the Flatisfy Thesis Skin?