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Guide to Creating a Full-Width Page Template with Thesis 2.1+

Full-Width Template FeatDepending on the skin you are using for your Thesis 2.1.x website, there may or may not be a full-width page template included with the original design.

While many web designers find a full width page useful, not all of the Thesis skins currently offered include a template of the type.

A template of this kind can be created by Thesis users in only a few simple steps. That’s why I created this article, to show you this simple process.

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How to Create Full-Width Featured Images In Thesis 2.1

This article demonstrates the technique I use for creating full-width featured images using Thesis 2.1. Images are displayed above the headline and span the entire width of the post content box.

I chose to display my featured images above my post headlines because I feel it helps break up my content nicely and introduces the article with a cool graphic.

You can place your Thesis Post Images wherever you like, this tutorial places them above the headline because that’s what I did on my site.

Depending on your current design, the code mentioned in this article may need minor tweaking to fit perfectly with your site.

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